Friday, 2 November 2007

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Site Authors use generic terms or "Labels" to organize site content: the officially supported labels are listed below.

  • Author: A label applied to author "about me" posts. This allows you to see who writes for the site. Note: some site authors may not have got round to (or don't wish to) write a post to say a little bit more about who they are, so the posts displayed may not be a complete list of the current (or past) authors.
  • Bars: Tips for great Bars in and around Cologne.
  • Clubs-or-groups: Info posts covering clubs, groups or associations which relate to English speakers. If you run a group and would like to be included please get in touch.
  • Cologne-comment: Posts which have a comment on Cologne or Germany theme.
  • Cologne-tips: Tips, what to do where to go etc
  • Food: posts with a foody theme.
  • Kids: Info posts concerning parenting issues for English speaking / bilingual children.
  • Just for fun: Anything frivolous, comic or "just for fun"
  • Language: Language and language lerning.
  • Meet-up: One of the most useful *temporarily applied* labels. Applied to any posts which refer to "meet-up" opportunities. Note: not a definitive list, you should also check the calendar for stuff to do, as not all calendar info is posted about. Author note: If you apply this label to a post, please remember to change it to "Past-meet-up" (see below).
  • Music: Gigs, musical recommendations etc
  • Past-meet-up: Once a meet up is over, we try to remember to change the label over. See what you've been missing!
  • Personal-viewpoints: Because there are numerous authors the "personal viewpoint" label is just added to indicate that the post contains a viewpoint that's not universal. We encorage authors to write about all sorts of stuff.
  • Random: Just like it says on the tin
  • Schools: (planned) Posts about schools and schooling opportunities in the Cologne area.
  • Site help: Posts which provide help on using the site. Some for people logging in to use the social aspects of the site, and some with info for site authors.
  • With video: If a post has video embedded in it then we'll add this label. Note: Eveyone logging into the socially can also share Youtube videos on the site wall, or as a comment.
Note: if you think we need a different label to help sort content, feel free to say so as a comment.

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