Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Hello English Speaking Cologne!

Having finally remembered my own blog details I can now post something here!

What a good idea to have a forum for English speakers in Cologne - there are so many of us and yet we never seem to find each other outside of groups like the American Women's Club, toddler groups etc. So this is a really nice, new way to find other English speakers.

As the fomer editor of the only english language magazine for Cologne/Düsseldorf and Bonn - I have personal experience of how hard it is to reach the English speaking community. We knew they were out there - around 10,000 of them according to NRW stats - but finding a place/good places where you could reach them was really dificult - hence the fact that I'm the *former* editor - sadly Rhine Magazine exists no more.....

However.... (time for some shameless promotions) there is hope for the english speaking community at large in Cologne!

Firstly: Rhine Magazine is back - online! Check out www.rhinemagazine.com - it's a little out of date as it's still in start-up phase, but it will start moving quickly over the next few weeks. Hopefully it will prove entertaining, interesting and informative (any and all feedback welcome).

Secondly - it's tough understanding German humour - so thank heavens for Johnny Hollywood and his Hollywood's Comedy Nights. He is a god-send to any and all English speakers who like to have a laugh. With his return to Flanagans you can enjoy a real back-to-basics stand-up comedy experience - in English. You're up close and personal, you can heckle till you hearts content and you can laugh until your tears water-down your Kölsch. Book your tickets now for the show on the 26th March and register on Johnny's web-site to get the latest information about forthcoming dates (www.hollywoodscomedynights.de).

See you there.