Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Weihnachtsoratorium from J.S.Bach

Fancy a bit of culture?

For those wanting a bit of Christmasy culture why not pop over to ...
The Lutherkirche on Saturday the 13th of December starting at 8pm.
The Lutherkirche choir are performing (finally) their one and only rendition, after four and a half lifetimes of practice, (That maybe somewhat exaggerated, but it does feel like that long).

Although it's held in the Church it's in the Lutherkirche so the atmosphere is welcoming for all you God fearing folk too!
From the rather whimsical tone you may have deduced that there is a personal connection here, and you'd be right: I am one one of the howling monkeys on stage. You can make fun of me after but please no pointing during the performance, I'm nervous enough as it is!

What is the Weihnachtsoratorium from J.S.Bach?
For those of you who can't whistle a bit of Bach at will, here is a taster. I'm hoping it won't be as stiff collared as this; but whatever, there will also be bubbly and pizza (or something similar) to knash on (don't trip over the donation bucket on your way out) as we discuss the finer points of "the performance" afterwards.