Thursday, 4 December 2008

Let's be friends!

Google friend connectThe English speaking Cologne site now uses Google friend connect, which can make the site a little more "social".

The site has no fixed "agenda": it was started because as an English man in Cologne I found myself initially quite isolated and wanted the opportunity to be able to meet up now and again with some of the other English speaking inhabitants of Cologne. If you're English speaking and based in (or around) Cologne, join and feel free to interact with other "Englies".

To become a "site friend" click the "follow" or "Friend sign in" button and join using one of the account options (you can generally use an account you already have, if you can't I'd advise signing up with Google, as they run Blogger, who you'll use if you want to write posts on the site too).

Friend connect benifitsMake sure to change the default image and add a bit of information about yourself (click "settings" and do it from there when logged in), or joining was pretty pointless.

I'm currently trying to make communicating and information sharing between the English speaking community in Cologne a bit easier, with the recent addition of the "add a date form" for the calendar. If you know of somthing going on or plan an event which you would like other people to come to then send the details and it'll get added to the calendar.

Write a message on the site wall!