Sunday, 25 January 2009

German food

Today I went with a few people (A, H, K, J, J & Ms IBM) to Jameson's (Jamos!) for Sunday lunch.

I was momentarily tempted by the "Sunday Roast" but changed to a big fry-up breakfast, as it features a few of the items I don't come across over here on a daily basis, e.g. beans and most importantly b-a-c-o-n!
It always strikes me as perverse that for a nation that eats twelve times its on weight in pork products annually* that it is nigh on impossible to find good bacon in Germany.
The fry-up was nice, but not something I would (or should) do every day.
If some one can remind me what Ms IBM's name was? Did it start with an "R"?

For lunch during the week I'm generally quite satisfied with what's on offer at the local "Metzger" & my diet tends to be quite Germanic.
Lunch one day last week was a marked deviation from my standard mash, sourkraout and belly pork, which is why it was worthy of photographic documentation: Mmmm looks tasty don't you think?
If I was to move back to the UK, I would probably miss German food more than I missed errrrr "Uk food" (what would that be beyond the fry-up? ...).

note* Totally made up