Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pimp your Google friend connect profile

Edit: We get allot of people join the site and write something like "Hello I'm new to Cologne" in their profile.
Your profile should rather be about you. Write a discriptive profile, or save time by linking it with your Google profile, Twitter profile etc. Then feel free to say hello and tell people you're new to Cologne by writing on the site wall

Any "community" is more interesting if we know a little bit more about who everyone is: it's time to pimp your profile!

If you join a GFC enabled site (like this one) but don't know what GFC is, then there is a danger you will leave your GFC profile untouched (like the image right).

To edit your profile click the "Settings" link when logged in and explore from there. If you want more info I have written a help page on the HCJ project site, but it applies to any GFC enabled site.

What info can I show on my GFC profile?

1. Your basic GFC profile info: image, name and text. Tip: Use a profile you already have, from the "settings" link, e.g. your Google profile, or Twitter etc. Your name then links directly to your profile page.
2. Your activity you have chosen to show on any GFC sites you have joined (called "follow" on Blogger).
Note: that you have to choose to activate this under "settings" for each GFC site.
3. Links you have added to your GFC profile. If you add more than five links they are shown on a new profile page from the "More >" link on the right of the links section of your profile.
4. Sites you have joined with GFC. You can choose not to show a site you have joined from the settings link when logged in on that site.
5. Friends: this is a term which some people have a problem with. You should think of "friends" as a contact you have met on a site rather than a "buddy". If you have made "friends" with someone then you will "see" them listed as a friend on other GFC sites you both join.

Edit: Updates to Friend Connect mean that "Acitivities" currently appear at the bottom of profiles not as #2 as pictured. Plus there may be other fields which show your "Interests". You can change these from the interests tab in the settings window.