Thursday, 5 March 2009

Collapsed Archive - Nord-Sud Stadtbahn to blame?

Is anyone else as appalled as I am at the collapse of the city archive? Not just the loss of two lives and the entire history of the city - more the fact that *if* the construction of the Nord-Sud Stadtbahn was to blame (which is looking increasingly likey) then the whole disater could have been prevented. I've just read in the Stadtanzeiger that more buildings are in danger - the school across the road will almost certainly have to be pulled down, and further cracks have been found in blocks of flats and houses in the area. They're also going to look at all the buildings along the route of the tram line to check for more cracks.... It's insane! I've always thought the project was crazy - seven years of contruction in a tiny city like Cologne - nearly 4 million over budget - the most expesnive 3km of train track in Germany - the contractors should be taken to court. But no-one says anything! Madness.