Thursday, 5 March 2009

English German differences [1]

Thought it might be amusing to do some foot in mouth generalising, and start a series of "the differences between them and us" posts.

Here's one the kick us off:
look at the image (large is better)....

You may not know Fon; they are a wi-fi sharing movement blah etc etc
On their site you can see where there are wi-fi spots (privately owned routers) that you could log onto.

Two locations / two images for each location.

The locations are Cologne and Birmingham at the same zoom level.

The images on the left show all the Fon spots. The images on the right show all the Fon spots active in the last hour.....

See any difference?

I couldn't actually be arsed to count this time and the difference isn't as wow as when I noticed the other day. But to my mind the Germans are certainly more anal (or better depending on you view point) than the British at turning their routers off.

Either that or the Brits are all online.