Friday, 6 March 2009

Writers Blog

As this is me dipping the proverbial toe in the Blogging waters, I found it hard initially to think of a subject both relevant and worthwhile. What, I asked myself, would be of interest to other members following this thread? My answer turned out to be simple...the English Language.

As a relative newbie to Koln, having moved here in July from London, I have found that even the most secluded of Germans manage to have a grasp on our language. In part it makes sense given the recent history of our two countires (noted the past 70 years isnt technically "recent") and the importance of English as a common language worldwide. In fact, whilst I am over here I am learning to become a TEFL teacher, further bettering the foreign understanding of our (admittedly wonderful) language. Still, I come to Gemrany and seem to be studying English!

Do we as a nation feel content (generalisation here acknowledged) with not prioritising languages in schools? Although my best efforts to master the German language (all-be-it part-time & self-taught) since my arrival, I cant help but wonder how I managed to go nearly 20 years with only a basic understanding of French.

I would be interested to know how many others of this site share the same guilt when trying to talk German and having to revert to English to actually complete the sentence? Maybe its only a handful? Maybe it's just me and I am bitter for my own short-comings? Maybe it's time to put English to one side and just 'spreche auf Deutsch'?

I know one thing for sure, this first Blog would be a lot smaller if I had :)