Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Do as I say, not as I do...

Inselaffe hit on topic/brickwall I find myself running into full steam and often with my exposed cranium. This concept of "Do as I say, Not as I do" is starting to catch on in Germany, and I don't think that's a good thing.

Case in point, I like to spend my "mittagspause" doing something exercise-related. Basically because I'm too lazy to get up early and don't want to use my time in the evening. So skipping lunch is a good compromise.

Unfortunately, I work in one of those environments that require identification badges with electronic chips to let you into the areas where we keep the purple aliens and security guards to keep out the 'right-to-know' tax-paying public and make you even later to work when they insist that you slow down and cue up to flash your anonymous I.D. badge with the postage-stamp-sized picture that they're supposedly able to recognize with their expertly trained vision and threat detection eyes in the 3.2 nanoseconds you bothered to even raise your badge so they could see it over your car's dashboard. Yes, they're professionals.

Which gets me to the contradiction even moreso. You see, when I go running (okay, really it's jogging - well, actually more like slogging) at lunch time, I have to go outside of this security gate, and a simple wave and nod to the guard lets me out and in. There's no check for my I.D. badge, there's no lamp in the face and there's certainly no waterboarding. But what do they care about?


Is it a particularly dangerous intersection? Does it look like a nightmare traffic pattern grid-lock that super computers have to work non-stop day and night to solve? Is it worse than a normal intersection in Tokyo?

Yes, it's a ghost town with no cars coming or going at lunch, and yet I get the stink eye if I don't cross the street in the designated zebra-striped crosswalk. I have the feeling I could line up a row of elephants hauling out steamer trunks full of saucy secrets, but they wouldn't stop me, as long as we're all walking in the right area. Because heaven knows, I'd hate to interrupt one of their precious naps.

After returning today from my lame attempt at aerobic fitness, I had to sit and zen out for a few minutes to realign my chakras and get my I-Ching flowing. Jerks.