Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Duck Sausage

Duck! Sausage! Two of the funniest words in the English language! Small wonder, then, that the English never got round to putting them together, because they were too busy laughing. The Germans, however, have considerably less funny words, and so they actually got round to making duck sausage.

And it's a winner.

I mean, why didn't anyone think of it other than the germans? Ok, so the Germans seem to have an inbuilt instinct to make anything that moves into a sausage. (I've always wondered if they had Alphabetti Spaghetti, and if so, how did they deal with the umlauts) They've even managed to make soup sausages. (No, really! Take a look in the cold section of the average german supermarket!) But really, as a concept it's full of teh W1n.

Not as a food concept, unfortunately. In fact, it's like a more solid version of paté, but where it really, REALLY wins is in the humour market. If you're english, it's the best antidote to depression since prozac - and you don't even need to eat it! Just get it down off the shelf, and spend hours of rib-tickling fun reading and re-reading the label on the jar (did I tell you it comes in a jar?)

If you don't believe me, just read the following script for an advert for the stuff :

"Hi, I'm David Hasselhof, and THIS is the great taste of DUCK SAUSAGE!!"

This time next week, you'll be telling everyone.