Thursday, 9 April 2009

Go Viral!

ESC is more useful to you the more people there are involved!

Currently there are a few people writing, and a more people viewing, commenting and submitting info for the calendar etc.

For one person (me) to do the "recruiting" is hard on the person, their friends (sorry friends) and won't reach beyond my network.

Fortunately anyone who joins can invite people they know to join by errr "inviting them" (the image shows how you can invite people to join ESC).

Just click the ..... .....(drum roll) .... invite link when signed in and invite people through your network (depending on which identity provider you sign in with) or just use good old fashioned email.

The more English speakers we have using the site the better it will be. So don't wait for people you know to stumble across ESC on their own: invite your English speaking friends!

This kind on personal recommendation works much than people being contacted by someone they don't know. It's easy, and should (theoretically) provide an avenue to reach more or less all the English Speaking Community in and around Cologne. That will make ESC more interesting and useful for you!
Get to it!