Thursday, 9 April 2009

laugh? I nearly fell off my chair.

A big thanks to Robert for getting everyone together for the Comedy night last night - it was a hit. I've been to a lot of these shows and last nights was a goodun. The headliner Tamika Cambell was fantastic with her sassy, loud and righteous routine and there were some surprises from newcomers like Fred Stabe with his stuffed superman pants. Casey "I don't drive with my Mom" James was on top form, confident, strident and cheeky, and James Allan's three bags joke is a keeper. Johnny was also on top form pulling out some crackers with his off the cuff remarks. Being back at Fiddlers just adds to the atmosphere - it feels like a real, in yer face stand-up show again. The next show is on May 13th and I advise anyone with even the tiniest ounce of a sense of humour - to come along, meet some expats and have a really good laugh.
See you all in May - table near the front....