Saturday, 11 April 2009

Let the Games Begin!

You know the only thing better in Cologne than a sunny day? A sunny day when everyone's out of town! Our Fair City seems to have lost about two-thirds of its population (presumably on vacation somewhere), and it is sublime for those of us who remain. The streets are quiet, the sidewalks clear of crowds. You can actually hear the birdies singing. It is the BOMB.

The only thing that has marred my bliss was being ignominiously defeated at Ping-Pong by my boyfriend. The Ottoman Empire (that's him, since he's from Istanbul and an Ottoman history buff) defeated Team America (that's me) in straight sets. An unprecedented rout. Not only that, but there were two women and a little girl in the park while this happened, and they saw it all. So I not only let down my country, but my gender. I blame the wind for putting wierd spins on the Ping-Pong ball, and the Ottoman Empire for playing dirty by dropping the ball down his trousers and otherwise causing Team America to double over in laughter, which tends to mess with her concentration. I decided that what I really needed was the help of my countrymen and countrywomen, either as Ping-Pong opponents (to sharpen up my skillz) or as cheerleaders, a la the Florida Marlins Manatees:

Seriously, let's find some way to hang out and play. It's a shame to stay indoors when the weather is this nice, and not everyone is into bars and who's up for Ping-Pong? There's a park with a nice Ping-Pong table near my house (a few steps from the Friesenplatz U-Bahn stop), I can bring the equipment, and there are *two* cupcake bakeries right around the corner, to which we can decamp after all that good clean fun. What say you all?

P.S.: I also have a Frisbee and there's a *big* park nearby, with open spaces conducive to both Frisbee and BBQ.