Sunday, 19 April 2009

Movies in English - Metropolis

Instead of having to work for my entertainment pleasure with German TV, whenever I get the chance I like to go to Metropolis - our very own English speaking cinema in Cologne - and see blockbusters in their original version.

I love the atmosphere of Metropolis - you never know what you're going to get. It's no clean, shiny, sparkly, picture palace - it's a bit shabby, the floors are always sticky, and in the summer it doubles as a sauna - but that's what I like about it. Back in London I did a couple of all-nighters at the Scala (now a club) where you brought your own pillows to make the seats more comfy - and I'm reminded of this every time I go to Metropolis.
There's also some added anticpation at the beginning of each film - will the projector break down or not? Will the film start and then stumble and slowly burn, showing dripping plastic rolling down the screen? Will the sound work, will it be stereo or mono, or will we watch the first few minutes in silence? If it does indeed break - how long before it starts again? I'm convinced that if it were a fully Expat audience they would burst into spontaneous applause every time a film started without a hitch.
So you see - it's a great evening out - not only do you get a great film you also get "an experience" thrown in for free! In London we used to have loads of these old style cinema's, a bit tatty and shabby but full of charm and lovely architecture - most have been ripped down and replaced with fancy multi-screens - but those that survive are hugely popular - because it's not just the films - it's the atmosphere that people come for.

That's what I like about Metropolis - it might lack the lovely architecture but otherwise it really does feel like one of those lost in time, old school cinema's and it's right here in the middle of Cologne.

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