Saturday, 18 April 2009

Small world

Today was an interesting day for me.

This morning I posted in a help forum that, on a couple of the other projects I'm working on, the social bar (what's at the bottom on this site) wasn't working as it should.
I'd played about with the code etc but hadn't had any luck fixing it.

Well over the course of the day two (work) projects, were visited repeatedly by Google (or rather people who work for Google) and now the social bar(s) are fixed. Hurrah!

What I think is interesting, is not that possibly some code got tweaked somewhere and something I was using got fixed. But that I was more aware that some real people where involved.
I don't know them, though I've communicated with a couple and have "seen a few of the others around" etc.
To me it feels like the web is at (or nearing) a turning point. Which is why I'm particularly interested in the "social" aspect, and think if we can get a few more people involved, that this project could be quite fun.