Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Stand-up comedy tonight

I've just spoken to Johnny and let him know that a few of us are coming tonight.
I threw caution to the wind and tried (in a very un-English like fashion) to haggle a deal for us.
He was very gracious and after some verbal grappling reminiscent of toad behaviour at this time of year, agreed that if tonight you slyly wink at the man on the door whilst raising the opposing eyebrow, mentioning that you're with the "English Speaking Cologne Group (Robert Fraction)" that you'll be allowed in at the discretionary rate of €10.

As for meeting up beforehand: I'll try to get there before 8:30pm and hang around the fountain looking shifty for ten mins or as long as I can hold out against my thirst.

Leave a comment below if you're one of the "clued-up elite": it'd be nice to know who you are!