Friday, 22 May 2009

English Cologne on Twitter

How does ESC use Twitter?
@english_cologne tweets information for English speakers in the Cologne / Bonn area.
The account is maintained mainly by @qwallis but we use cotweet so that other ESC authors who are interested may also tweet through the english_cologne account.

Connect through Twitter:
  1. Follow english_cologne : we tweet info for Cologne's English speakers.
  2. If you @reply or hash tag a tweet #ESCologne it'll show on our twitter conversations page.
  3. You can join in and reply to messages if you are logged into twitter by clicking reply directly on our Twitter conversations page!
The ESC twitterverse:

People who join ESC and are active on Twitter are added to the ESC members list - which is embedded on the tweets from ESC members page.

If you have joined ESC and your tweets aren't showing: follow and ping @english_cologne and ask to be added to the ESC-members list.

The page is a snapshot of public tweets from people who have joined English Speaking Cologne but unlike our twitter conversations page tweets are not necessarily directed @ other English speakers in or near Cologne.

Tweet from the site: (new June 2010)
You can now tweet directl from the site. There is a tweet box on the home page and the twitter page. There is some pre loaded text e.g. @english_cologne and the hash tag #ESCologne, you can choose to use that or remove one or both if you just want to tweet and not @ the English community.