Monday, 18 May 2009

How much would you invest?

Hey Cologne Buddies!

Just checking in here from my long layover in Amsterdam en route to home, lovely Cologne! One nice thing about the Dutch, when you have a layover, they do it right, with tulips, Ketel One and lots of red lights. They go to great lengths to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. I'll be back.

One of the great thing about traveling is encountering all those serendipitous moments where you just wish you had a buddy along to share in the wackiness. Since I was traveling solo, lucky for all of us I had my trusty camera phone with me to snap this gem while riding in the BACK of a taxi from L.A. airport to my hotel a few weeks back.

Despite the obvious sad commentary on the state of affairs in taxi driver grammar, proofreading and typefont, it did get me wondering.

Just how much Chance to you carry around?

Do you keep a nice shiny coin in your pocket for the small chance occurrences in case they come up? Or do you invite new experiences willy-nilly with a wallet stuffed full of large bank notes ready to toss at every opportunity you can?

Whichever way you spend/seek chance, I hope you find what you're looking for!

p.s. I STILL love BACON despite all this Swine Flu (H1N5 - whatever) nonsense. Do you know how many people died worldwide from the NORMAL flu just last week?