Friday, 29 May 2009

The message is, don't be poor and get captured

If you are German, and thinking of going on an adventure vacation in some exotic locale, by all means don't go if you're poor and can't afford the bill for your rescue!

Reinhilt Weigel just lost her legal battle and will have to reimburse the German government some serious cash to offset the cost of the helicopter used in her rescue operations. This makes paying bills a whole new set of headaches.

This recent article caught my eye and made realize that if the German government goes to a cost-based accounting system (probably based on SAP), we could all be in trouble. Thankfully, “The ministry does not, of course, include costs for the time spent by consular officials or crisis units in its calculations,” according to The lawyer representing the Foreign Ministry, Benjamin Beckmann. Just think, if they DID include bills for all the time spent on coffee breaks, losing paperwork and putting official seals on things, she'd be destitute instantly.

Can she deduct this from her tax declaration? Is there a box to fill in - rescue operations?

Will the kidnappers get a kick-back if next time they request an aircraft carrier be used?

Is this how the German government plans on helping to pay for the stimulus package?

Too many questions, not enough answers

UPDATE - Will she have to turn to a life of crime like the 81 year-old Granny arrested for selling heroin to bridge the gap between her bills and her pension?