Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ha ha ha!

Oh people - what were you thinking? That's those of you who didn't turn up last night at Hollywood's Comedy Nights. We had such a good time - my cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard.

These were my highlights:
James Allan's gags about the American and English definition of the word Ass
Steve Dix's "Greyhound skirt" (5cm from the "hare")
Alex Cook's observations about driving on the Autobahn with a beer in hand while over-taking police cars (you can do this in Germany...)
Christiane's jokes about the Belgian's having great skin from having lived in cellars as kids...
Johnny Hollywood's silent but violent farts
And of course the superb Dave Deeble juggling all kinds of dangerous objects, face juggling and spearing a melon on a "Ho" - don't worry - he's OK.

It really was a great night. SO - make sure you come next time! Not only did we get the chance to laugh our cheeks off - we also met each other in real life - it was great to put some faces to icons.

The next one is in June - and there may be a double whammy if Casey organises another "blue" comedy night. But for anyone who can't wait that long and understands enough German to "get" the humour - there is another comedy night every Thursday on Rudolfplatz (I'll post the info when I have it).

Until then - I'm going to take an aspirin and have a little lie down - hope to see you next time.