Monday, 18 May 2009

Who's the Daddy?

Thursday is a special day - not only is it a bank holiday, it's also Christi Himmelfahrt or Assension Day, AND it's Daddy Day - the day all kids around Germany make breakfast for their Dad in bed and overwhelm him with homemade presents and cards...... or maybe not. The tradition for Fathers on Father's day in Germany is to go out and get well and truly lashed - while the kids stay home with Mum.

In Munich the tradition is to buy a crate of beer, put it in a pram or buggy, and drink the beer while walking the length of the English Gardens - which is pretty big so top-ups have to be bought along the way.

Here in Cologne you take the easy route and hire a "Beer Bike" - these wondrous inventions make it possible to cycle round the city with a barrel of beer and someone to top you up every time your glass is empty - superb! You can rent them on Eifelplatz ( - Happy Father's Day to all the Dads .