Saturday, 20 June 2009

My fave shop in Cologne (at the moment)

There used to be this postcard shop on Briete Strasse. It was nothing fancy, just a few greeting cards and loads and loads of postcards: fine art, comic, photos, TV characters, 50's icons, film posters, cult shows - you name it they probably had it. I could spend hours there flicking through the racks of cards - and whether I spent €1 or €10, I was always delighted with my latest find. Then it closed down and I thought it was all over for my weekly postcard fix. But when it opened up again, it was even bigger and even better. Not only do they still have an amazing range of postcards - they also have all manner of funky gifts, cool books and totally obscure and pointless "things". It's the perfect place to find a gift - and there are lots of books, toys, games, calendars and "stuff" in general - in English. Cool stationary, bacon luggage tags (one for the Prof.), a mix-tape usb stick, pistol shaped salt'n pepper shakers - they've got it all. Whether you're an artsy type, a tech-nerd, or a collector of postcards, you're bound to find something you just can't resist buying.

p.s. my second fave is the newly opened MUJI off Schildergasse next to the Opera - they've finally realised that we need one here in Cologne - hooray!
- So what's your fave shop in the city??