Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Nope, nothing to do with the upcoming European elections.

Those of you who have been to Hollywood's Comedy Night might have seen me ranting away on-stage at some time or another. Well, against my better judgement, I have been persuaded to enter a comedy competition, which can be found at

Apparently five lucky comedians will be chosen from the hordes to appear in NordDeutscheRundfunks new comedy programme, which I presume is a bit like WDR's "Fun(k)Haus", except instead of being presented by a huge bald bloke, it's presented by a bloke with a dodgy eye. I would welcome your participation, especially if you vote for me. Voting is easy, and you don't have to have a myspace account to vote.

Simply click the radio button above the performer of your choice (Hint : Steve Dix), then scroll down. At the bottom of the video section is a "captcha" - a picture of some twisted letters and numbers, which are there to try and check that you're a real human being. If you're not, you might as well stop reading this right here. You have to work out what the letters and numbers actually are, and write it in the form field next to the captcha. This is a security measure to stop unscrupulous people from writing programs which repeatedly vote for them. Once you have successfully entered the capture, press the button marked "Abstimmen".

If you have voted, then thanks.