Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Summer Special Hollywood's Comedy Night!

At the last Hollywood's Comedy Night our smiles were cruelly wiped from our faces when given the sad news that the show would be taking a break till September. However - Flanagans had other ideas and went ahead and advertised a show on the 8th July. Never a man to disappoint his public the magnanimous Johnny Hollywood has agreed to put on a surprise summer special - hooray! The full line-up is not yet confirmed - but we can expect some supercilious critique from James Allen, some witty repartee from Steve Dix, some dirty innuendos from Johnny and a whole lot more humour and frivolity in what's sure to be a summer extravaganza of a line-up.
So if you feel like getting even hotter and sweatier than you have done this week - be prepared to laugh till you cry - sweat till you're wet (Flanagan’s is HOT) - and have a jolly good evening of laughter and entertainment.
See you there (not the front row anymore - thank you).

Edit: Event page on Facebook. You'll have to login, (which is why we should generally try to organize outside of Facebook when we can but I'm a bit pushed for time ringht now) Robert.