Friday, 28 August 2009


Helga passed the details on to ESC through Facebook.
"With the best British black humour he crossed in his future vision, popular half knowledge, diffuse fears and wild had to have been there."
2012 by Bill Aitchison
In the performance 2012, independent researcher, Dr Aitchison, reveals a sequence of facts covering Mayan astronomy, the war on terror, dog cloning, the novels of Saddam Hussein and the end of the world. 2012 concerns itself with the space where conspiracy theories, propaganda, science, art and politics cross over with one another and become indistinguishable. Intricately constructed and sharp as a scalpel, 2012 is a snapshot of uncertainty, of where desire, and fear, lead the contemporary imagination.

There are a couple of performances in Cologne (see the calendar) but a few people are going as a group organised by Helga.
Tickets are normally €15 but for groups over six it is €8

Keep in-touch with where you're meeting up etc in the comments :-)