Monday, 24 August 2009

At Home in Germany

"At Home in Germany" is an initiative that provides information for the international and Expat community [flyer].
Partnered with the city of Cologne they are holding an information day for the international community, 11~17hr on 13th September '09 at the International Peace School Cologne.

Subjects for Expats include:
  • legal matters
  • insurance questions
  • banking
  • finance and tax matters
  • real estate
  • private clinics and doctors
  • communication matters
  • language schools and translations
  • employment matters
  • travel services and products
  • sport and leisure activities
  • religious and cultural institutions
Not only could this be a way for Expats to get clued up on all the "confusing foreign stuff", but it'll be an opportunity to meet members of the international community from the wider Cologne / Bonn area.
English Speaking Cologne will be there too: stop by our stand and say hello.
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