Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A new quirky Colonge experience

All of you have your own unique Cologne, Bonn or Germany experiences. As ex-pats it's part-and-parcel of what makes your life extra interesting. When your friends and family ask you why you live here, it's always hard to define precisely that intangible gem that makes the headaches with Telekom worth it. Sometimes you get lucky and stumble across something at just the right time and with a camera to capture some little oddity you'd not yet experienced. And it just makes you stare in awe, take a moment to reflect how lucky you are to have the opportunity to experience this moment and do your best to record it for others to also enjoy.

So last night I was cycling home from a great evening with some friends drinking wine and discussing the world, solving all of its problems of course (death panels should be equally created for anyone that wants to die! Cologne politics needs a kick in the pants with us ex-pats running things! Michael Jackson really is on a secret Caribbean island with Elvis, Roy Orbison and Jim Morrison planning a massive comeback tour). While crossing over the Deutzbruecke, I noticed a strange swarm around the DOM. I decided to take a small detour and head closer to investigate.

The closer I got, the more eerie the whole scene developed. It was about 12:45am and there were literally dozens of people standing all around the DOM at that hour, simply staring at the MASSIVE swarm of pigeons zooming all over the DOM. My best guess is that the spot and floodlights from various strategic positions pointing at the DOM make it a feeding frenzy for the pigeons at that particular time. They were dive bombing every insect they could and having a jolly good time doing it. It was incredibly quiet, as the pigeons weren't making any noise, simply cruising around enjoying dinner.

Which made me start asking the people around me... why don't we ever see BABY pigeons? Are they hatched full size?

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