Friday, 21 August 2009

Paintings, jewellery and objects exhibition

I'm having an exhibition, along with a local painter, in the gallery in the "Rathaus" in Köln-Potz.
With the opening at 8pm on Thursday the 28th August.

I'm showing some jewellery and objects and Rüdiger is showing paintings; mostly watercolours of Köln

I'd like to invite everyone to come down for the opening, I know Portz is a long way out for some, but you'd be very welcome.
There'll be a short, (very short I hope), introduction from the bürgermeister, then a glass of bubbly and a chance to mingle with some music.

If you do stop by say hello!
I'll be the sheepish one checking the space where my wristwatch would go (if I had one).

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