Saturday, 26 September 2009

Blowing This Taco Stand: Can You Recommend a Moving Company?

It looks like I'll be moving away after three years in Cologne (an event that a friend marked by calling it my third "Germiversary," which needs to go in a slang dictionary somewhere). So I'd like to thank the wonderful folks of ESC who have invited me to so many events and provided so much support--especially you, Casey, for being my Claritin Courier when I ran out of good ol' American allergy meds.

The move is occasioned by a good thing: I've been offered a tenured faculty position at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. For those not familiar with academic-speak, tenure is sort of the Holy Grail of the profession--the sign that you've made it. Once you get it somewhere reputable (i.e., not at the DeVry Institute of Technology, but an accredited research institution), you've got it for life. Kind of like an actor getting a Screen Actors' Guild card: it means you're in the club, once and for all. So although I'd much rather being going home to the US, I'm happy to be making that big step up career-wise anywhere...and Copenhagen is a pretty cool town.
Some of you probably have a lot more experience moving around Europe than I do, so I'm posting here not only to say goodbye, but to ask advice: if any of you have had a positive experience working with a moving company within Europe, could you please let me know the name of the firm? I need help both packing and schlepping, and it's on the Business School's dime, so I want to go with a reputable, reliable company. Many thanks, and auf wiedersehen!