Thursday, 17 September 2009

Look - no skin!

Körperwelten is coming to Cologne on Saturday, and it's staying until January, so you've got lots of time to see the creepy world of plastination brought to you by Dr Death, Gunther von Hagens. I saw it in Munich in 2002 and although I found it fascinating seeing the workings of the human body "sans skin" - I also found it a bit creepy, and most disturbingly, a little smelly, in a kind of morgue-like way (not that I've ever been to a morgue so I'm only guessing).
Maybe it was just the smell of the plastination process. On top of that - the bizarre tableaus that von Hagens set's up are a little wierd, to say the least: the table of gamblers, the posed pregnant lady, I think they've even got a couple having sex this time..... I assume he's posed the "bodies" to make it more of a "show" as opposed to some gorey medical exhibit - but in the end - it just seems a bit odd, a bit circus side-show like. Anyway - that's my take - I still think it's worth a look - just don't eat beforehand if you're of a sensitive disposition.....
EDIT: Cologne's Health and Safety Department has barred the "Body Worlds: Cycle of Life" component of the exhibition, where the figures where posed in positions of a sexual nature, from being included, or showing them in videos or photographs. It also stipulates that visitors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Deutsche Welle article