Monday, 14 September 2009

Weekend wonder

I stumbled across something I've never seen before at the weekend (I'm probably showing my lack of sporting knowledge by admitting this - so please do tell me if this kind of thing is common) - a waterski practise course - with no boats.
Me and the family went for a little afternoon walk on Bleibtreusee - a lake known for it's windsurfing near to Hurth. We've only been in the winter before which is why we had such a surprise. At the end of the lake are a series of metal pylon like constructions - which support a circuit of wires around the lake. Attached to the wires are water-ski ropes which run on a pulley system - a bit like an upside down, turned around ski lift. So you can water ski, wake board or wake skate continuously - no boat required.
On top of that there is a beach bar with fine white sand, and speakers outside playing the best Ibiza style chill out music.
Someone had booked out the beach bar/restaurant for a wedding reception on Saturday - and then we noticed that two of the water-skiers were actually wearing bride and groom outfits - they were having a water-ski wedding reception - how cool?!
I advise you to check this place out when/if the sun shines - the water ski run will only be there until the 30th September (starts again in April) - and you can hire ski's, wake boards, mono boards and wet suits. For a 2 hour ticket it's €20.
And if you're not a fan of chilly water in Autumn - just go along and watch - beautiful scenery, white sand, cool music and the hypnotising sound of waterskiers going round, and round, and round and.....