Thursday, 10 September 2009

Where were you?

If you weren't there last night - well - you missed a fantastic show. Not only did we have a couple of surprise newcomers who were actually rather good (the condom taster and the lady with the fake nipples), but we also saw some of our regulars trying out new material that truly rocked the house. In order of appearance - Casey Gaskin - the good looking one (he begged me to write that for him) scared the front row with his thousand mile stare and freaked us out with his repeating nightmares, while Casey James was on fire taking the headline slot and killing us with a barrage of "Dad" anecdotes and loads of new material. Tamika Campbell raised the temperature with her stripper moves, and Johnny got naked again with details of his latest dumb doctor visits.
We laughed, we cried and we got the programme for the Comedy Festival - keep your eyes peeled for updates because there is some TOP comedy coming to Cologne on the 21st and 28th October.
If you have even the tiniest ounce of a sense of humour - be there - you might never get a better chance to laugh so hard you think you're going to wet yourself.

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