Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bring on the FREEBIES!

There are lots of great things about running an on-line magazine - but the best thing is - THE FREEBIES! Not for me of course - for you the lucky readers. Rhine-online has just managed to get hold of some lovely Jacobs Coffee freebies (packet of coffee and coffee table book x 5) - all you have to do is write in with your "Funniest experience with a German" - and the top five stories will win a Jacobs prize package. Good luck!
*The give-away is to promote the Jacobs "Gut Gespr├Ąch" initiative - you'll stumble across 40 green sofa's on the Schildergasse (corner Zeppelinstrasse) on Saturday 10th Oct - where they'll be handing out free cups of coffee from 10am (for the shoppers) till midnight (for the clubbers). Rhine-online