Thursday, 8 October 2009

ESC + Embedded Waves

Some of you will have heard the buzz about Google Wave. (I'll stick a couple of videos in the comments for those that don't know what it is).

I'm interested in embedding a wave into an ESC page to provide an area which can be edited by English speaking people based in Cologne using Google Wave.

It might be interesting for the site and it might not. Right now there aren't enough people using wave (it's on a limited release) so it's hard to tell.
It also needs a "read-only" state, which I believe is in the pipes.

Edit Jan' 22 2010: Wave now has "read only" access, so as long as you have a wave account you can see the ESC wave.

If you are an ESC member and don't have a wave account just ask on the site wall and someone will send you a wave invite.

If you'd like write access to the ESC wave you should ask to be added by one of the people with write access.

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