Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Get up to speed with ESC

English Speaking CologneWould you like to ....
  1. Know what ESC really is?
  2. Be shown how to join in?
  3. Learn how to get the most out of taking part?
We're having an "author info coffee meet-up" on Thursday the 5th of November
Although it's billed as an ESC author meet-up we'd like to invite any interested parties.
For example:
  • People who might wish to become an ESC author.
  • People who'd like to know how to sort out their profile.
  • People who'd like information on how to better network and connect with other English speakers in the Cologne / Bonn region.
There is (I'll confirm) free Wi-Fi, so any of your questions can also be answered visually.
Bring your laptop etc if you'd like to spend allot of time setting yourself up on the site though, so more people can be helped by the limited resources we'll have there.

It's a great chance to also ask any questions about the ESC Party we're throwing!

We want to keep things fun, so it's not planned to go on too long.

Too late this is a past meet-up!

If you'd like something like this again ask on the site wall.