Monday, 16 November 2009

Author help: Writing posts for ESC

ESC is "Powered by Blogger" and uses Google Friend Connect for the site's social aspects.

"Blogger" makes it very easy for site authors to add new articles, but authors need to know a few things about how we structure content so it is clearly presented to the audience (i.e. site visitors and members).

Two things to consider ...
  1. How your article is displayed.
  2. How it's labeled.
1. How your article is displayed
On the "home page" a "teaser" is displayed with a "Read more" link to the full article. Having "teasers" makes it possible to see lots of articles in one glance, without having to scroll through each article to get to the next one.

When you write a "New post" you'll see that the post editor already contains some text.
  • "Place your intro text and intro images here"
... a space, then ...
  • "Place the rest of your article and images here"
The "space" between the text is actually occupied (you can see it tn HTML view) with a special tag :

This tag tells Blogger to display only what is above it on the home page. And therefore creates you front page "teaser".

If you are using the new post editor (info on how to change), then you will see the "more" tag displayed as a line.

Note: You can easily edit any of the articles you have written, so don't be afraid to click "publish" then check out how it looks on the home page and click the edit icon to change it if you need to.

edit icon The edit icon show towards the bottom of all your posts when your logged into Blogger.

2. How you should label your posts

Labels help to organise the site's content and make it possible to search the site for specific articles/topics.

Please choose a label from the ones in the list when you create an article - one or two labels should be enough.

If you think there is a "label" missing, just let me know (with a comment on this page) and I'll add some more.

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