Sunday, 17 October 2010

Beers in Cologne other then german beers

The people from Cologne are very proud of their Kölsch, and that is about the only thing you can get in bars. You may have a good chance to get a Pils and sometimes a Weizen next to the local speciality. Now I like Belgian beers, but the only bar which serves a proper Witbier is the Bier museum in Altstad (that I know of). This is a bar where they play carnaval music, which is not my cup of tea.

Thank goodness there apparently are people here in Cologne who do appreciate the finer beer arts of the Belgians. There are a few shop in Cologne which sell it.
Near Kalk Kapelle is a drinks shop where the online beer shopBierzwerg has a few shelves, with all kinds of beers. Order in advance, and pick it up or order it online and have it delivered.

There is a kiosk in Brüseler str, which has a small selection, but should suffice for the most urgent needs.

If you know other places, leave a comment!