Friday, 20 November 2009

Bring back the Heinzelmännchen!

Today I got up extra early and my husband delayed a meeting - all in order to be here for a workman to arrive and fix our shower at 9am. Did he come?
Of course not. Did he call? Don't be silly. I know from lots of other people that the handymen/people of Cologne seem to be blind to the fact that this country is in a recession and take a very laisse-faire attitude to work - perhaps they've stock-piled enough cash over the last few "boom" years that they don't need to bother with actually working anymore?

Whatever the reason, I've decided that there is only one answer - bring back the Heinzelmännchen. Let's face it - the laziness of Kölner carpenters, roofers, butchers, cobblers etc. etc. is legendary - it's been the stuff of myth for centuries - that's why the Heinzelmännchen turned up in the first place.

So seeing as Christmas is coming, when the world of fantasy inches that tiny bit closer to reality for a couple of days - let's all ask Santa to bring the Heinzelmännchen back to Cologne - and finally get some work done in this city - (my bathroom is first on the list....).

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