Tuesday, 17 November 2009

English Speaking Cologne Party Pictures

Here are some pictures taken at the first ESC Part the other night.
If you have pictures you'd like to display: join the ESC group on Flickr. Images, which you add to the group pool, show up on our "Pictures page".
I had a great night thanks again to all who came!

Some people asked if there will be more parties? Maybe ...

The party was to celebrate the first 100 members joining ESC. There are allot more people out there who know nothing about ESC.

On the way home I pasted a group of English people: I was too tired to stop and say "... it's a shame you didn't make it to the party". What would have been the point?
I didn't know them personally, but maybe some of you did? ...
If not I'm sure that some of your friends would have .... and certain that some of your friends of friends do. That's *how* networks work.

So please invite your friends to join ESC (here's how).

The next party will be huge!
(and all the other meet-ups in between)