Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Inca Kola ...

Inca KolaWe have this bottle of Inca Kola at home as a momento, brought back by my partner, from a trip she made to South America years ago.

Inca KolaIf you haven't heard of Inca Kola before that's great because I wanted to use it as an introduction to Buy only brands you have never heard of week *1.

The Facebook "event" was started for fun after a couple of amusing comments thrown back and forth between people I am loosely connected with on Facebook *2.

B-o-b-y-h-n-h-o-week is more an idea. Taking a look at your personal buying habits. A sideways step, trying something new, and an opportunity to discover something new, while at the same time helping out the "small brands".

Buy only brands you have never heard of week
It's a social experiment promoting a nice idea, so do join the event and invite people who you think may be interested in the ethos.

We already have ....
  • Paris fashion week.
  • Vacuum Day
  • Towel Day
  • Use only two pieces of toilet paper day. *3
So why not: Buy only brands you have never heard of week?

Notes: 1. Facebook "events" used to be public, ie. you didn't used to have to login to view an events details. I'm not sure when Facebook changed this. It was a bad move on their part and an example of changes Facebook makes with no information given to their users: changes designed to increase one's dependancy on Facebook useage. Bad facebook!
2. I could I guess try going backwards in my Facebook stream, but that's not really practical and shows that "streams" and real time interaction on-line has a place, but that there is also a place for more permanent information on-line e.g. blogs.
3. Ok I made that one up.

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