Monday, 16 November 2009

My mate Micha

Just spent a very enjoyable hour being another pair of hands for a friend of mine, Micha Peteler.
Micha has a silversmith / blacksmith workshop which I shared with him for a few years when I first came to Cologne.
I was very slow picking up German when I first came and Micha was always very tolerant.
I had great hour this morning hammering (being the machine) while Micha did the creative stuff: hammering is always great when you're a bit stressed.

Anyway I thought it'd be fun to give people a peak into the workshop. It was always rather cold for me in winter, sitting at a workbench; but not I guess when you're mostly heating and hammering!

Micha's web site is in German only; I think I benefited most from our language exchanges, but if you need something "smithed" in Cologne he's your man.