Sunday, 13 December 2009

ESC Newsletter

Running a "Newsletter" is a time consuming business, so as ESC is "just for fun" newsletters will tend to arrive more like London busses: e.g. you'll wait a while for one to turn up and then have three'll turn up in quick succession.

There will be tasty morsels which you'll not want to miss out on though: so unless you are listening keenly on all social media channels I would recommend that you subscribe.

Subscribing is easy-peezy: just click the "Subscribe" button in the sidebar.
You can change the email address it gets sent to and / or unsubscribe at any time.

I've just had my first arm wrestle with the newsletter system (I think I won), and sent out the very first ESC newsletter: delivered to ..... (drum roll) .... a wopping 23 recipients
The functionality is quite new, so it's not surprising that only a few people have signed up currently (new members are asked to when they join).

If you want to see what you're likely to get delivered before you subscribe, you can see what was sent last time by clicking the "View newsletter" link in the sidebar.

Hope that more than 23 people will see it show up in their inbox next time.