Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Getting Festive

We've hit the first of December!

Even those people who like, or leave Christmas "last minute" will be giving some thought by now to: pudding baking, Glühwein, present buying, family and all that goes with the Christmas season.

I like Christmas in Germany.

  1. I like: that it does not start in early August (though it is creeping in that way).
  2. I like: that is colder / dryer than the UK. You can't generally count on snow in Köln, but I can get "crisp". I generally Christmas in Ulm where it gets quite picture-post-cardy.
  3. I like: that the Germans pack-up on time too!
I went and "did" a Christmas market last weekend, which despite the crowds and the rain was a pleasant experience. I wanted to take some photos for the photo page, but forgot the camera, Doh! .... guess I'll stopping off again this year before they pack up.

So how are your Christmas preparations going?