Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I like to paint .... [sometimes]

painting1 '09My partner asked for a painting (instead of jewellery) for her birthday this year.

I haven't painted anything in years, so I was rather stuck with how to approach it, and decided in the end to go for something abstract.
I decided on board rather than canvas because I wanted to build it up : wanted to "loose" the flat surface that you start off with.

I used quite allot of different materials: acrylic, cement, glue and oils. One effect which I was really interested in was how the materials shrank at different rates giving rise to "crazing" which often followed the lines between the materials.

After finishing I made a simple frame which helped give it some space to work in and put it up on the wall.
Despite all the nail biting, I had allot of fun doing it and (given time) would like to do some more. Not sure if it will develop into a full blown hobby (got allot on my plate currently), but don't suppose it would be a bad thing for me if it did.
It's difficult to evaluate something you've done yourself: after formulating the original idea I feel that the result isn't that far away from what I concieved, and it isn't something I feel arkward about having on the wall. So I guess that counts as a success.

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