Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Learn German at the Overseas Club

Want to learn German in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere?

The Overseas Club is a bar/language school in the S├╝dstadt where you can learn English, French and Spanish. They very kindly allowed us to hold our ESC party there - and have said that they'd be happy to start up German courses for anyone interested.

There would need to be enough people to form a group of at least five members, and the course would cost €30 per month - which includes club membership and the chance to participate in the French and Spanish conversation courses. The German course would be one hour every week.

Language skills would need to be established in advance in order to determine the level of instruction. Times are dependent on room and teacher availability.

Interested? Contact Thomas or Susannah: email: info@overseasclub.de, T: 0221-9230296

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