Thursday, 10 December 2009

Pukka German

Pukka German podcast: colloquial German, slang, German sayings, idioms and funny German phrases.

I found the Pukka German site quite recently, which is a shame for me, as I'm sure it would have helped me get to grips with learning German more quickly than I otherwise did.

They offer a paid service, which I can't vouch for as I've not looked into it: but if it has the same "human" approach as their free offerings it might be worth looking into.

The podcasts archive provides allot of help with "street German" and as that's all free, so there is allot of content up front.

Their approach comes across better than many language sites I feel, because it was started by a couple with English and German as their native languages, working to bridge the culture and language gap.

Not sure if it's quite so active now: the last episode came out in April of this year.
You can listen to the very first episode below. If you find it interesting head over to the Pukka German site for more.