Friday, 15 January 2010

ESC member interests

Find "like minded" members, and make friends through ESC on this page.

Click "See responses" in the gadget below to see user interests. Then send friend requests to ones who match your interests.

Be a "real" though: don't spam!
If you upset people or are too darn weird, your access may be cropped, severed, removed.

Tip: use the next and previous links to load diiferent polls and check out the answers.
You can change your responses when logged in.

What this does
What's it for? Well it's useful in three ways:

  1. It allows you to display the information you add (or don't) in you profile on this site (the responses don't show in your Friend Connect profile on other sites you join).
  2. It's a useful way to find people with similar interests on the site. You could then connect with them (send a friend request) and filter comments on the site wall by "just friends" for example. People who are really new and who's German is "non-existent" can find people in the same boat (or people with great language skills to help them out).
  3. The site newsletter can be targeted at a group. So I could send a newsletter just to the "Native" German members (assuming that they are subscribed to the newsletter).
What it does not do

  1. Spy on you: t doesn't display any information other than that which you have submitted (and you can change that at any time).
  2. For "text" replies it can't show single person data except on that persons profile (i.e. if someone adds "jogging" as a hobby you can only see that on their profile and we can't send a newsletter only to the joggers either).

If you would like more interest questions asked, so that you can get to know more about the members (assuming they add their answers) you can suggest what sort of stuff to ask as a comment.

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