Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's -10 outside - quick open the window!

The cold is making me morbid - apparently tonight will be the coldest night of the year - which isn't very encouraging because the year's only just begun - I'm worried that it might get even colder than the predicted minus 12. Brrrrr.

It's around this time of year that a fight starts in my house about keeping the window open and the heating off in the bedroom. So I feel a list coming on - please add your own "things that annoy me about living with a German - in Germany when it's cold" - and my hubby very kindly supplied me with his own list about the joys of living in the UK with a Brit - whatever the weather - just to balance things out a bit:

Brit living with a German in Germany:
- Window open in bedroom - even when it's -10 outside.
- Heating off in bedroom - even when it's -10 outside.
- Airing the house every morning - even when it's -10 outside.
- Insisting we must all leave the house for a nice brisk walk - even when it's -10 outside.
- Hanging the duvet's out the window in the morning - even when it's -10 outside.

German living with a Brit in Britain:
- Carpets in bathrooms - WTF?
- Single glazed, ancient, crumbling windows - who cares if they're original Edwardian - they're rubbish!
- Refusing to go outside if it's a) raining b) snowing or c) a little bit chilly
- People in shops calling you "darlin" or "luv"
- People bumping into each other by accident and then both saying sorry

(Please note that I stuck entirely to the "cold" issue - he decided to strike out in general at the silliness of the Brits. Fair play).

Keep warm people.