Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rocky Horror Karaoke

I'm just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual, Transylvaniaaa-a-ha. Love it or loath it, there is no denying the brilliance of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

It's kitsch, it's ridiculous, it's hammy and melodramatic - but it works on every level. From its B-Movie look to its rock opera style, since its release in 1977 it has continued to build a solid base of weird and wonderful, almost fanatical, fans.

Never missing a beat, Mr Johnny Hollywood has jumped on the bandwagon and introduced the Crazy Karaoke Rocky Horror Picture Show night - which takes place tomorrow (Thursday 21st Jan) at Flanagans Irish Pub. The first 20 people to turn up "in costume" will get a free Kölsch - which is good because they'll probably need a little Dutch courage to display their suspenders and bustiers in the middle of Flanagans. Go along and sing along - or just go and goggle at the ladies and gentlemen dressed as transsexual transvestites, or Rif-Raf, or Magenta, or Columbia, maybe someone will come as Rocky....(for the uninitiated that costume is a skin tight pair of gold lamé shorts and a bottle of fake tan – you know you’re tempted). So go on – Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, Don’t dream it, be it and Let’s do the Timewarp again.

Johnny's Crazy Karaoke
Flanagan's Pub
Alter Markt 36-42, 50667 Cologne

Edit: Those turning up for TNDC have the option of joining in or retreating behind glass, where the performances will be somewhat muted.